Vitopod 50W Heated Propagator


The Vitopod from Greenhouse Sensation is a precision propagator with thermostatic controller, allowing you to set the desired temperature from 5°C to 30°C in 1°C increments for the ultimate climate control.

Available in 3 different heights.

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The Vitopod from Greenhouse Sensation provides the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and can also be used to over-winter tender plants.

Why are the results so good?

  • The Vitopod’s thermostat can be set to any 1°C increment between 5°C and 30°C to meet the exact needs of your plants.
  • Available in single, double or triple height variations, with additional extension layers available so the sky’s the limit!
  • Heat is distributed evenly across the entire base, meaning there are no hot or cold spots.
  • With large vents in both the lid and sides for humidity control.


  • Heated Base
  • Thermostat
  • 4 x Sides
  • Plastic Nuts & Bolts
  • 1 x Lid


  • Length = 56cm
  • Width = 55cm
  • Single Height = 24cm
  • Double Height = 39cm
  • Triple Height = 55cm

Additional information

Weight 10 kg