Digital Greenhouse Thermometer


This digital greenhouse thermometer, displays the actual temperature whilst displaying the maximum and minimum temperatures simultaneously.

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It will measure temperature within the range of -20 °C to 69.9 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C. The unit is ideal for record temperatures in greenhouses, polytunnels or anywhere you need to monitor and record the temperature accurately.

The thermometer is extremely easy to use and is powered by 1 x AA battery (supplied).

Instrument Operation

Remove the battery cover and insert the AA battery supplied.
The thermometer should be positioned away from direct sunlight and draughts to ensure an accurate reading.
The minimum reading indicates how low the temperature has dropped, and the maximum reading indicates how high the temperature has risen. The current temperature is displayed in the centre of the instrument.
To reset the readings, press the CLEAR button.


Range -20°C to 69.9°C
Resolution 0.1°C /°F
Accuracy ±1°C
Battery 1.5 volt AA
Battery life 4000 hours
Sensor type Thermistor
Display Custom LCD
Dimensions 29 x 79 x 182mm
Weight 180 grams

Greenhouse thermometers are ideal for keeping a check on your greenhouse temperatures.

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