Solar Quadgrow Replenishments Pack


Our Solar Quadgrow replenishments pack contains everything you need for a new season.

Includes Plant Magic 60/40, Feeder Mats and Nutrigrow refills.

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Save over 10% with our Solar Quadgrow replenishments pack, with everything you need for the new season.

Plant Magic 60/40

Plant Magic 60/40 has a high clay content allowing for a free draining medium, while still retaining the capillary action of the coco fibre which is essential in Solar Hydro planters.

Feeder Mats

Solar Hydro feeder mats or capillary mats are an essential part of Solar Hydro self watering planters, delivering vital water and nutrients to your plants throughout the season.

Nutrigrow Plant Feed Refill

Nutrigrow plant feed is specially formulated to provide your plants with the ideal balance of all the essential nutrients that they need.

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