Solar Hydro Kit 2


Solar Hydro planters produce huge yields, faster growth and peace of mind to gardeners. Go on holiday happy in the knowledge that your plants will be perfectly watered while your away.

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What is it?

The Solar Hydro Kit 2 uses the same unique combination of capillary wick and solar powered automatic watering as the Solar Hydro Quad Slim & Square, only with larger 18 Litre plant pots and an Auto Top-Up system to keep your plants watered for longer.

Why are the results so good?

  • Compost stays just moist when plants are not growing quickly
  • Extra water and feed is supplied as soon as is needed
  • Solar powered so no electricity connection required
  • Water-logging is avoided
  • No need to water just top up reservoir


  • Solar panel & pump
  • Reservoir
  • 4 x 18L Plant pots
  • Feeder mats
  • Delivery system
  • Universal plant feed
  • HydroCoco 60/40 mix
  • Auto Top Up kit
  • 100 Litre Water Butt


  • Length = 75cm
  • Width = 75cm
  • Height = 20cm


Additional information

Weight 40 kg


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