Quadgrow – Self Watering Planter


With a Quadgrow you can expect harvests that are 2 times bigger than those grown in grow bags or pots because it automatically waters your plants, and it does it all without electricity or timers!

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Why choose the Quadgrow?

Each Quadgrow holds 4 plants and includes everything you need, just add plants and compost (we can’t do everything for you).

Ideal for growing in a greenhouse or a conservatory. Perfect tomatoes, aubergines, sweet peppers, beans, cucumbers, the list goes on. If you can put it in a pot you can grow it in a Quadgrow

Why the Quadgrow works

  • The Quadgrow automatically waters plants, keeping soil at the perfect moisture level, never too dry or waterlogged.
  • Perfect moisture means roots have better access to oxygen which fuels faster growth and bigger harvests.
  • There’s no risk of any erratic watering, which means much less chance of root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot.

Self Watering!

The Quadgrow’s Feeder Mats pull water up from the reservoir into the soil around the roots – precisely where the plants need it – maintaining perfect moisture at all times. Growing an impressive crop has never been easier.

Easy to use

  • Place the Quadgrow’s Feeder Mats in the pots, add compost and plants, and add 30 litres of water to the Quadgrow’s reservoir which sits below the pots.
  • Remember to top the reservoir up every few days and your plants will be perfectly fed and watered.


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