Plant Magic 60/40 Mix


Plant Magic 60/40 is the ideal choice for all Solar Hydro self watering planters. Plant Magic 60/40 has a high clay content allowing for a free draining medium, while still retaining the capillary action of the coco fibre which is essential in Solar Hydro planters.

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The perfect ratio of air to water in Plant Magic 60/40 mix makes it the ideal solution for our Solar Hydro planters giving you brilliant results.

This balance of clay pebbles and coco fibre will give the roots better access to oxygen than using normal compost. By giving the roots better access to oxygen they will absorb more water and nutrients, giving you stronger more vigorous growth and bumper harvests of your favourite fruits and vegetables.

All Solar Hydro planters have been designed to be used with the Plant MAGIC 60/40 mix and we would not recommend using any other compost or media.

60% clay pebbles
40% coco fibre

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