Flo-Gro Planter – Ideal for Tropical / Exotic Plants


This eco-friendly planter re-uses the water / nutrient solution by allowing any excess solution that the plant doesn’t need, to drain back into the reservoir underneath. It is the perfect way of growing exotic, tropical or any plant you want to grow long term.



The frequent watering makes it ideal for tropical edibles such as ginger, cape gooseberry, lemongrass, papaya, kiwi, pineapple and melon as well as producing outstanding harvests everyday crops like chillies, sweet peppers and tomatoes.

Simply add water and nutrient solution to the planter’s reservoir, add the clay pebbles (rinse thoroughly before use) and set the timer. The plants will be watered at the set times and any excess drains back to the reservoir. Fresh air is pulled down into the pebbles at every feed keeping the roots well oxygenated and healthy.

The planter costs a few pennies a day to run and you’ll be more than repaid by the huge harvests you’ll produce.


  • Planter
  • Pump
  • Timer
  • Clay Pebbles (used instead of compost)
  • pH Testing Kit
  • Instructions
  • Plant Nutrients

Additional information

Dimensions 55 × 44 × 28 cm


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