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Polytunnel update 10th July 2018

Well hello everybody and what an absolutely fantastic July following a fantastic June, I just can’t believe it I have lived all these years just to see a spring and summer like this.

Of course it’s lovely to live in such a climate but as far as the plants are concerned it can be a bit on the hot side, temperatures in the polytunnel here are peaking each day in the upper 40’s, it’s a real strain on them, if we didn’t have solar hydro I don’t know if we could have managed.

Each system has been using up to 50 litres of water per day. Tomatoes as most people know aren’t especially suited to this sort of heat, but solar hydro has kept me going, we are really pleased. We are using auto top up facilities as well to keep the water flowing, but even allowing for that I couldn’t have done it without my colleague Roger who has just shipped thousands of water into the greenhouse. Solar Hydro seems to be able to cope with the heat, I wonder how you are getting on, but we are doing reasonably well and I think you will see any minute pretty well.