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New Season Essentials

The Solar Quadgrow replenishment pack has everything you need to get your Solar Quadgrow ready for the year ahead. The pack includes 1 bag of HydroCoco 60/40, 8 Feeder Mats & 1 Nutrigrow refill (A & B).

This highly accurate variable thermostat from Greenhouse Sensation, enables you to adjust the temperature of the environment accurately, with a control range from 5°C to 30°C. For Vitopods and X-Stream heat propagators.

Nutrigrow plant feed is specially formulated to provide plants with the ideal balance of all the essential nutrients they need. As well as being used in the Solar Hydro planter it can also be used on raised beds, pots & hanging baskets.

Solar Hydro feeder mats or capillary mats are an essential part of Solar Hydro self watering planters, delivering vital water and nutrients to your plants throughout the season. These are ideally replaced every year.