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Madagascan Turmeric overwinters in Lancashire

How did we do it?

The Solar Hydro Kit 1 was left in place. The solar pump was disconnected during the last week of October 2018.

Thereafter no water was applied to the unit. The turmeric just died down naturally as the compost dried out. We carefully dug a few tubers out to replenish our turmeric jars.

Note that the unit sits inside our “greenhouse within a greenhouse”. That is, our cling film clad scrap wood frame (no cost). Ensure that water remains in the tank and for complete frost protection you can leave a solution heater on during very cold spells.

Then wait the winter out. At the end of February gently sprinkle the compost with water to re-activate the tubers. Do this weekly. Low and behold at the end of April up comes the first shoots of what is sure to be a spectacular plant.