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Introducing the 2018 season

The polytunnel remains pretty dead as we head into the last quarter of a very long winter. But that’s not stopping us making plans for even more spectacular results with solar hydro, the surest way to bigger yields of quality produce and all without massive expenditure and too much work.

We’ll be growing Sakura tomatoes again because for flavour and yield they cannot be beaten. We’ll introduce a new plum tomato Roma which has got to be worth a try.

On the sweet pepper side we are staying with Tarquinio which will deliver the large flavoursome fruits we are looking for over a long productive season.

We have no realistic expectations of beating last years melon crop which was just “awesome” as the young people say. We are staying with a proven variety Antalya that we have high hopes for again. Also we are set to grow water melons in solar hydro . We are going to use two varieties, Fascino which we have grown before and found very good but also Charleston Grey which is very popular “stateside” and is surely worth a try here.

Another new venture in solar hydro is turmeric the medicinal spice. It’s a member of the ginger family and we’ll show you an easy way to be sure of getting a crop of this amazing plant.

Look out for updates from us both here on our blog and also our Facebook page. This year John  will be assisted int eh polytunnel by Roger. We look forward to producing our updates. Here’s to 2018, may the sun shine on us all.