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Polytunnel update 6th June 2019

Well it has been a strange month weather wise and this has slowed things down in the polytunnel a little.

Here a a few photos of how things are coming along so far.

A cold wet June has impacted the first pick date for the tomatoes, but the crop looks good and we might just get a June pick
Is this the start of a 15 kg monster of a water melon?
The turmeric is fast becoming magnificent, we are really proud of it!
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Polytunnel update 29th May 2019

Just a few photo update on what is happening in the polytunnel this week.

Fabulous leaves, just “bombing” along
Decent growth but like tomatoes will appreciate warmer nights
These have all the makings of a fine crop
We are very pleased with the growth and fruit set. On target for a June harvest. Could do with some warmer nights
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Madagascan Turmeric overwinters in Lancashire

How did we do it?

The Solar Hydro Kit 1 was left in place. The solar pump was disconnected during the last week of October 2018.

Thereafter no water was applied to the unit. The turmeric just died down naturally as the compost dried out. We carefully dug a few tubers out to replenish our turmeric jars.

Note that the unit sits inside our “greenhouse within a greenhouse”. That is, our cling film clad scrap wood frame (no cost). Ensure that water remains in the tank and for complete frost protection you can leave a solution heater on during very cold spells.

Then wait the winter out. At the end of February gently sprinkle the compost with water to re-activate the tubers. Do this weekly. Low and behold at the end of April up comes the first shoots of what is sure to be a spectacular plant.

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Tomatoes & peppers well under way

We are well under way in the greenhouse for the new season. We have stayed with SAKURA for the tomatoes and TARQUINO for the peppers. Both would be hard to better for either yield or flavour.

It’s been a slow start to the season being a bit on the cold side but at least we haven’t had any damaging spring frost.

We haven’t altered any of our equipment or techniques, so you can be assured that the growth and yield we get is entirely possible at your place with SOLAR HYDRO.

Keep an eye out for updates. First picking expected about 20th June.

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New Season Essentials

The Solar Quadgrow replenishment pack has everything you need to get your Solar Quadgrow ready for the year ahead. The pack includes 1 bag of HydroCoco 60/40, 8 Feeder Mats & 1 Nutrigrow refill (A & B).

This highly accurate variable thermostat from Greenhouse Sensation, enables you to adjust the temperature of the environment accurately, with a control range from 5°C to 30°C. For Vitopods and X-Stream heat propagators.

Nutrigrow plant feed is specially formulated to provide plants with the ideal balance of all the essential nutrients they need. As well as being used in the Solar Hydro planter it can also be used on raised beds, pots & hanging baskets.

Solar Hydro feeder mats or capillary mats are an essential part of Solar Hydro self watering planters, delivering vital water and nutrients to your plants throughout the season. These are ideally replaced every year.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas only 5 weeks away a lot of us have started to think about gifts. Here at SolarGrow we have put together a small selection of our most popular products that any gardener will love. 

We have heated propagators for getting those seeds started come the new year. With a highly accurate variable thermostat that allows you to set the temperature anywhere from 5oC to 30oC, these are a must have for any enthusiastic gardener wanting to germinate seeds successfully.

We also have the Solar Hydro Quad Slim, our original and still our best selling planter. With it’s unique combination of capillary wick and solar powered watering, the guess work has really been taken out of watering. Allowing you to have a weekend away without the worry of coming back to wilted plants.  Consistent watering also leads to healthier plants, resulting in bigger crops and you being the envy of the not just the neighbours but the whole street.

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Polytunnel update 10th July 2018

Well hello everybody and what an absolutely fantastic July following a fantastic June, I just can’t believe it I have lived all these years just to see a spring and summer like this.

Of course it’s lovely to live in such a climate but as far as the plants are concerned it can be a bit on the hot side, temperatures in the polytunnel here are peaking each day in the upper 40’s, it’s a real strain on them, if we didn’t have solar hydro I don’t know if we could have managed.

Each system has been using up to 50 litres of water per day. Tomatoes as most people know aren’t especially suited to this sort of heat, but solar hydro has kept me going, we are really pleased. We are using auto top up facilities as well to keep the water flowing, but even allowing for that I couldn’t have done it without my colleague Roger who has just shipped thousands of water into the greenhouse. Solar Hydro seems to be able to cope with the heat, I wonder how you are getting on, but we are doing reasonably well and I think you will see any minute pretty well.