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Southport Flower Show

We had a great time at Southport Flower Show this year.

The stand looked great, everyone was impressed by our tomatoes with many asking ‘Are they real?’ (they were). We made some new friends and met up with some old ones from last year, special thanks to the guys from North West Counties Allotment Society for all there support.

Here are just a few photos of the show we managed to snap when not talking to visitors.

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Perfect trusses

John may well have grown the perfect truss of tomatoes!

These have been grown in our Solar Hydro Quad Slim and I am sure you will agree the results are fantastic.
All our Solar Hydro planters work by keeping your plants perfectly watered whatever the weather. With capillary wicks for those dull over cast days when the plants don’t use much water, to Solar powered drippers to actively top feed your plants when the sun is shining and your plants need more water.
And in other news, Johns melons are coming along brilliantly. He is over the moon with the sheer quantity that have set so far this year, it is looking like we will all be having melon for breakfast all summer long.
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It’s time to plant the tomatoes.

After a few days delay on account of the recent cold snap I have got the tomatoes planted into the Solar Quadgrows.

All the plants are “Sakura” and it’s a great feeling getting the season underway. The plants have been well watered in and will be left a week or so to establish before the solar pump is connected up.

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Finally we are planting in the polytunnel

As you can see the dwarf French beans are planted into the solar quadgrow.

The seed germination was very poor but I’m very hopeful of an excellent crop. The variety is Opera which has a good reputation for taste. Note the pots in the centre of each square pot to enable easy planting of the tomatoes in  3 or 4 week’s time.

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Tomato seedlings pricked out

This week we have been busy pricking out all our tomato seedlings.

These will be brought on in our heated propagator until they are ready to be transplanted.

Some have been pricked out into a seedling mix and some into rockwool cubes, these will be transplanted when ready into a variety of Solar Hydro growing systems.

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Seeds sown

Well it is 2017 and our growing season has started early here at Solargrow. We sowed our tomato seeds on the 11th January and we are pleased to say these have all germinated now.

The varieties we have sown so far are:

  • Orange Paruche – Succulent, sweet and flavourful orange cherry tomato.
  • Sweet Aperitif – Super sweet and delicious red cherry tomato
  • Rosella – Sweet rose-pink cherry tomato.
  • Sungold – Sweet and juicy golden-orange cherry tomato.
  • Cristal – Sweet and tasty red tomato.